Up a Creek Without a Paddle

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Title:Up a Creek Without a Paddle
Print Length: 187 pages
Publication Year: 2023
Published by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback


Despite the fact that I try my best to navigate life as a respectable and most of all inconspicuous individual, odd things tend to… happen to me. OK, I admit, I’m more of a comical character drawing attention to myself with a wide scale of escapades. I’m an expert when it comes to getting stuck in the middle of absurd situations. But it’s not my fault. Honest! When fit hits the shan, I tend to be in the way. Continually.
If you care for a good laugh, preferably at someone else’s expense, this book is a perfect fit for you. Because sometimes we all find ourselves up a creek without a paddle and it’s way more fun when it’s happening to someone else.